welcome to the ficlets memorial

ficlets is no more. AOL decided to kill the product, but thankfully, since all the content on the site was licensed under Creative Commons, I decided that there's no reason to let the content die. So, consider this the ficlets memorial. I will keep this site up as long as I'm able (it's extremely simple and not costing me anything).

I appreciate the opportunity that AOL gave me to build and launch ficlets with my friends. I'm disappointed that I couldn't get the site back after AOL decided to kill it off, but whatever. They're a big company with better things to do that deal with a lone developer, even one who gave them thirteen years and helped add over half a billion dollars to the bottom line over the years. If I sound bitter, I am, but only a little. I'm just glad the forty-five thousand (plus) stories that people wrote over the eighteen months that ficlets was around will be around a while longer and may still become the source of some joy in the world.

Jason Garber and I are working on a followup to ficlets, that keeps the spirit of ficlets, but will have no association with AOL. We're building it in our free time, so it's going to take us a little while. Until it's ready to go, check it out and sign up for the launch mailing list.

So, browse the archives and read some stories.

Kevin Lawver
January 16, 2009