Appetizing Argument

by Throat Wolf
originally published at 05:14PM on Tuesday, March 20, 2007

“How about if I pretended not to want to be eaten?”

“Yes, but…what?”

“You know, a little roleplay? I’m like ‘Oh, noes, a dragon!’ and you’re like ‘Mwahaha, I will eat you now!’ and—”

“But I don’t laugh like that. It’s unbecoming.”

She stomped her foot. “It’s just an example, silly. Anyway, I act like I don’t wanna be eaten, and scream a lot, and you eat me in one big gulp. I’ll even make sure to squirm all the way down, I hear dragons like that.”

“But…if you’re not a virgin, you’ll give me indigestion,” the dragon protested weakly.

“I thought of that. Look.” She opened her knapsack and pulled out a round tablet the size of a small shield. “Dragon-seltzer. Just drop this in a pond afterward and drink the pond. You’ll be all right.”

“But—dash it all, I’m starting to like you. I can’t eat someone I like.”

“Aw, that’s so sweet.” The girl shuffled her foot and blushed. “But yes you can, if she wants you to!”

The dragon had to admit, it was getting harder to come up with excuses.




  • from SJHundak/S.J.Willing:

    Hehe cute. Hmm what to do, eat or not to eat, that is the indigestion.


  • from Ray Klahr:

    wow. i just found this story, and it keeps going and going and going…..but its really cool, (sry i cant comment on all of them, i just thought id say somthing now before i forgot)

    i like it :)

  • from missa:

    i thought it was okay, really none of the stories in filcets are any good urs is the best ive read yet