Apology NOT Accepted, part 4

by emma jo_234
originally published at 03:13PM on Sunday, September 23, 2007

Really, it was all Michaela’s idea.
She hovers somewhere between popularity and unpopularity, though she’s popular enough to be friends with Gemma and her gang. She sits with them at lunch sometimes, so the plan was perfect.
Gemma had to go to the bathroom before lunch. As planned, I was walking just behind Gemma, Mi, and the crew, and followed them into the bathrooms. Everyone took a stall.
Michaela held Gemma’s lunchbox open while I took a cup from my pocket. It held a gigantic spider.
Perfect!” I hissed, dropping the creepy thing into the lunchbox as Mi slammed it shut. “This’ll show her.”
Mi nodded nervously, clearly uneasy about the rule-breaking. She had done most of the work: She had found out that Gemma was terrified of spiders, and come up with the entire revenge plan. All I had done was capture the spider and bring it to school.
I darted from the bathrooms and found an empty table in the lunch room, the one right near Gemma’s usual table.
oooh, I thought. This was gonna be great.