When the Lightning comes

by Lonely Boy in Virginia
originally published at 08:25PM on Sunday, September 23, 2007

Greenish-grey stormclouds
gathered above
rain falls
soaking the thirsty plants
the sun tries to shine out from behind the clouds
but it can’t make it through
for it is may
and this is the time when the lightning comes
Bluish-white bolts sent from the heavens
to strike trees daring to grow too tall
gusts of wind churn through the bows of the trees
a branch falls to the ground
ending the misery of a drowning ant
now the winds are still
the clouds fade too
revealing the cerulean skies
the oceans of the air
seas of clouds glide over the lands
to bring about
in another place
the time when the lightning comes
clouds undulate as they float over mountains
soaring higher than ever before
untold power crackling inside their misty bellies
the light of the sun rapidly fades
as the leeward sides of the mountains are covered
with a silky blanket of fog
light zephyrs spin the mist into ghostly figures
the spectres seem to reach towards the clouds
wind sends the phantoms back into the ether
from whence they came