The Keeper and the Smile

by Insert Pen Name Here
originally published at 08:49PM on Sunday, September 23, 2007

I watch her
eyes closed
not on a pew
in a church
or a temple
but out in the open
on the mountaintop

Her lips moving silently
I wonder,
why is she here?
She is not a native
A foreigner
Come to “pray”....

No…she is real.
I can tell, I can always tell.
I am the Keeper
I can tell

She prays, looking serene
I concentrate
she says
god, i love you
Over and over, she says it
i love you….
take me back

I gasp and kneel
I do not pray to this “god”
but I am aware of his power
A power that causes a beam of light to rise from her body to the sky
She smiles
one smile
and crumples
The beam thickens, then thins, then dies

A man comes rushing over
A doctor! A doctor!
He yells.
I look on
For I know that she did not die
He took her back
He took her back
and she smiled….