No Problem

by Uncle Sam
originally published at 08:42PM on Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The facility has been particularly busy the last few days. A lot more of those security guys coming in the middle of the night, black helicopters. They’re everywhere – in the barracks, the labs, I’ve even seen a few down in the restricted areas, which I’m pretty sure is a violation of the regulations. Not that it matters, since the head of the guard, Captain Torres, is now acting administrator as of yesterday. I don’t know what they’re preparing for. Progress in the labs is at it’s usual rate: molasses slow. No bigwigs on site, as far as I know.Probably just paranoia.
They couldn’t know about my defection. But even if they don’t this could be a problem. I have no idea who they’re sending after me, but it’d have to be an army if they were going to fight their way in. But they shouldn’t have to. All I’ll have to do is sneak out, get in their helicopter and leave. As long as everything goes according to plan, they will be no problem.