Down an Up Elevator

by Uncle Sam
originally published at 09:16PM on Tuesday, March 20, 2007

“Err, buddy…”
I waved in its face. It – he – turned to me in response. His eyes were piercing.
“I was just wondering, you know, which one goes… up?”
The burly security guard pointed a single finger to the doors of the elevator on the right.
“Right, the right one… thanks.”
I didn’t want to be late for this meeting. This could be it, my big break. I went over the plan again as the elevator rose, running my way through the presentation in my head. 50,000 jobs cut, good for the company, good for everyone. A little close to Christmas, but they’ll manage. No severance, not enough…
That’d when the cable snapped, and I plummeted down. Way, way down.