Cliff of Wonder: Elevator of Air

by rejoicingapathy
originally published at 10:07PM on Tuesday, March 20, 2007

... that he was falling much more slowly than one would expect, and that in fact the closer that he approached the river, the slower he fell. To verify this, he focused on the cliffs walls themselves at his own level. They were moving by in slow motion, as though he was standing on an invisible elevator.

As his fear evaporated into bewilderment, he noticed Jessica standing on the ground below him. She was watching his progress, and when she saw him make eye contact she waved excitedly at him. He moved his hand back and forth mechanically.

Gently, he set down on his feet on the rocky bottom of the cliff. This must be why approaching the cliff was forbidden. But if it was safe to fall down, why would they be unable to go? Was this something that Jessica had done deliberately by herself?

Jessica jogged over to his landing spot.