Our Revolution of the Future

by artistsrunwild
originally published at 04:35AM on Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The new truth created by filthy lies.
A book written backwards but read forwards.
Words that stop making sense once they’ve been written.

A rhythm that’s broken when played.
A melody with silent notes.
A placebo of sorts.
A paradox.

Filling a quota with empty words and numbers.
An expectation from the royals for the masses.
A list of tasks to distract from a mundane reality.

An awakening of the undead.
An omen of the new future.
An unstable realisation.
An answer.

The oppressed will rise above the pressing.
A wave of purpose will flood young minds.
Those sickened and weakened will stand.

A strength created from within.
A force of the collective.
A beginning forms.
A breath.

The propaganda of the present will be destroyed.
A dedication will be written down in stone.
Scars will burn with the possiblity of change.

An organisation of thoughts.
An innovation of amends.
An ideal to create.
An alteration.

The line is drawn and reached.






  • from Stovohobo:

    Hmm. Very intriguing and thought-provoking. In the beginning, it’s just a little hard to follow, but then the word choice and the later parts make up for it. Great.

  • from Suburban Saint:

    I think this is awesome. Really pulls you in and makes you want to know more. Kind of like a perfectly orchestrated movie trailer. But way more emotional and deep.

  • from Alexa ♥:

    I really like how you alternate the stanzas – four long lines, four short lines – it keeps it from being too repetitive.