The New Jeff

by Hobo Beard Bob
originally published at 03:38PM on Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fog always put him in a bad mood. It wasn’t just the fog though; ever since his girlfriend brought it up it had been eating away at his mind. What if she was right? What if they were just feeling sorry for him? Well, the old Jeff would have just stayed quiet and appreciated the fact that they let him be a part. The new Jeff was going to do something about it.

He knocked on the door. The door cracked open.

“Jeff? That you?”

“Yeah Brett. I need to talk.” He had a major problem with confrontation. But The New Jeff was going to work on that.

Brett opened the door and let Jeff come in. “Its awful late, man. Whats the deal?”

“The deal is, man, that Gina brought something to my attention and I think I should say something about it.”

“Well shoot, man. I’m all ears,” Brett said, a little confused.

“I don’t think you guys really believe a kazoo can add something to a heavy metal band. You don’t even mic me. I think you guys just want a cool gimmick that will get you signed…”




  • from Alexa ♥:

    Too funny, with a great mental image.

  • from Kermitgorf:

    a kazoo, lol, i thought you were building up to some angry confrontation, like he’s psycho or something, only to find out he is a unapprciated kazoo player. LOL , very clever surprise ending.