The Visitor's Deeds

by Ethyachk
originally published at 11:23PM on Tuesday, March 20, 2007 mature

Amy woke up to the same splitting headache she always woke up to after the demon was done. She groaned and tried to remember what had happened. Flashes of places she had never seen before, echoes of words she’d never spoken; nothing useful.

Amy blinked her eyes open slowly and found a dark ceiling above her. A quick glance confirmed that she had no idea where she was. From what little she could see the room almost looked like a chapel, but she saw no sign of anything Christian in origin.

Amy checked for clothing and found none. Sadly this was not uncommon, so she was more irritated than anything else. The only strange thing was that her hands felt sticky. She pushed herself up and sat for a moment letting the headache clear. The moon came out from behind a cloud and bathed the room in a soft light.

Amy began to shiver in horror as she saw what lay strewn about her. Dozens of dead bodies, torn to pieces. Amy realized she was seated on an altar surrounded by dead bodies.

And she was coated in human blood.




  • from QuakeDisruptor:

    Thanks for the sequel =)

    It’ll be interesting to see if Amy has any further misadventures.

  • from Ethyachk:

    That’s the fun for me: seeing where the stories go when others take up the reins.