My Wisdom Teeth have Arrived with Gusto

by artistsrunwild
originally published at 03:05AM on Thursday, September 27, 2007

I had a toothache last night.

A temple-splitting headache that felt like someone was drilling a large hole through my teeth to my temples and enjoying my pain and anguish.

It hurt. Not like a little pain, but a real ache. It was like I had been hit over the head with a large mallet and someone was standing on my head pressing into my brain, laughing as my cells oozed out of my ears. They would have had to be a sadist, to enjoy torturing me like that.

I’m telling you, toothaches are the creation of someone very evil. Someone who wants his tiny minions to suffer in agony for hours on end just because in a week’s time, they want to be able to eat tough meat again. Or hard candy, but that’s irrelevant.

It really amazes me that a tiny white piece of tooth enamel can cause me so much pain. It certainly did not just feel like a small thing erupting it’s way into my mouth through my seemingly impenetrable wall of gum. More like trying to ram a hammer through a key hole.

I just hope the pain was worth it.




  • from Insert Pen Name Here :

    haha! love it. very descriptive, in a painful, bloody way.

  • from Stovohobo:

    Ha, this was nice. Very fun, and I loved the title.