a sex-y type of love

by VilleCullenGirl
originally published at 06:13PM on Thursday, September 27, 2007 mature

He pressed me against his warm chest. He muffled in my ear “I love you” I looked up into his eyes they were sincere. I turned so that i could wrap my arms around his waist but he kissed he faster than i thought. His lips were on my neck. His arms were pressing me even more into his bare chest. His left arm went down my spine and into my shirt. I suddenly felt his hands hot on my breast.I still couldn’t move and his lips were kissing me wildly without thinking. I let my mouth move with his. At the same excitement level.At the same passion. I finally got loose and wrapped self to his neck. I felt him moved his arm up my spine and grab my hair. I traced his neck with my lips and then i felt a hand on my vagina. I let out a moan and then i felt him grip it harder. And before i knew i had no cloth on . I let out another moan and i felt him twist my face at an angle at which he can kiss my neck more. Then another tight grip and another loud moan. I dint feel him and then i saw him kneeling licking my vagina.theEND



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