He Returns

by .:band baby:.
originally published at 10:01PM on Thursday, September 27, 2007

I hadn’t seen him in ten years… then, seamingly out of thin air, he was back. Reappearing just as mysteriously as he had left those many years ago. I ducked out of veiw as he looked around. I just wasn’t ready to face him again. I had finally learned to live without him and he goes and shows up again.
“Hey! Em!! Emily! Hi.” He says excitedly as he spots me.
“Derek, hi. Your back?” I say as he comes closer to me.
“Yeah, well, I missed you. I had to leave and I’m sorry. But I’m back now, and things can go back to how they use to be.” He says happily and leans in to kiss me.
I turned my head. I didn’t like him anymore…right? Why did he always have to complicate things? I saw a flash of dissapointment spread across his face, but it quickly went away.
“Is there someone else now Em?”