Tortured Thoughts 9

by Kiarra
originally published at 07:17PM on Friday, September 28, 2007

Mindy sat watching as the look on Jasons face turned from a look of hope to a frightened look. He dropped the phone to the floor.
“What happened?”, she asked.
“Mindy was in an accident”, he told her.

She tryed to hide the amused look on her face by looking down at her shoes. She watched as Jason stumbled across the room, dropping his keys in a frustrated attempt to leave quickly.
“Where are you going”, she asked. “I’m going to the hospital, what do you think?”, he shouted at her.

She almost got angry at him, but she couldn’t blame him. His world was turned upside down in a matter of minutes because of something she had done. She almost felt sorry for him.
“I wanna go with you”, she said.
The look he gave her was something she didn’t recognize, so she dismissed it. For the moment.
“Fine, if your coming, lets go”, he replied.
“Did they tell you if she’s ok”, she asked.
“Her leg is broken and she has a head injury, thats all they would say”.
Mindy smiled to herself as she followed him out




  • from The_Count:

    I love the characters in this story, their very driven