by araiya sanz
originally published at 08:23PM on Friday, September 28, 2007 mature

welcome to midnight, she whispered. An excited shudder escaped him as he felt her fingernails through his hair against his scalp. She was divine, red curls scattered everywhere, dark moody brown eyes. She was so small and yet fierce, dominating, intimidating. Her moans in his ear, he would be gone soon, heart already flooded with adrenaline. She bent his head to the side, kissing his neck, still running her fingers through his short brown hair. The hiss of an animal rang in his hear. “What are you?” he said head pounding. He pulled her close into him. He wanted her to feel him, how badly he needed her. Tiny beads of sweat clung to his forehead. He couldn’t wait any longer. Neither could she. A horrific scream seared through the night as he felt teeth baring into his neck releasing warm blood. She lay him on the ground and drank feverisly. Too bad, he was such a nice guy. She kissed him leaving blood clinging to his lips. His eyes glazed over, cold, dying.




  • from Kermitgorf:

    very kewl vampire tale, superb, well done, one my favorite genres’.