Have you ever

by Mask By The Moon
originally published at 11:22PM on Friday, September 28, 2007

Have you ever….

felt as helpless as a dandylion caught in a breeze?
felt as frightened as a kitten with humans standing around it?
felt as lonely as a snowflake, plummeting to the ground?
felt as happy as a family reunited with a long-lost son?
felt as dead as a buck with an arrow through its chest?
felt as sad as a flower, wilted in winter?
felt as strange as a giant among dwarves?

Have you ever been so mad, so furious at all who wrongly accused you, that all you ever wanted to do was curl up and shut out the world?

Have you ever?




  • from Kermitgorf:

    I have felt as helpless as a dandylion, strange as a giant, happy as a family.. and sad as a flower….your images and words were creative