A Conflicted Love

by Three Gryphon[s]
originally published at 08:24PM on Saturday, September 29, 2007

“Devan.” Angel said. “Perfect. She’s perfect.”
“Yes.” Natas was holding the newborn baby girl. Somehow, that worried Angel. It was totally irrational.
Last year, when she had given up being a creature of the light to be mortal and to be with Nat, she was head over heels in love.
But, somehow, he changed. Ever since she became pregnant with Devan, he had become more and more devilish. He never really did anything, but once in a while, she’d catch him thinking thoughts her old boss would have killed her for. Thoughts plagued with death and harm for others.
Frankly, now Nat scared her.
She hoped old boss, generally called Yahweh by her coworkers, was wrong. She hoped Natas really wasn’t working for the devil. Or worse.
And most of all, she hoped Devan wouldn’t be the same.