What's That You Say? Althaiophobia? That Sounds Absurd!

by artistsrunwild
originally published at 04:04AM on Sunday, September 30, 2007

I’m afraid, so far, I have been very unlucky in love.
It’s not that I’m not pretty or that I don’t have a good personality – not to blow my own horn or anything, but it’s mainly because I have this…phobia, and it’s kind of a weird one.

My last boyfriend didn’t know until I freaked out when we went camping and there was a fire and sticks and…they were there. Right there, next to our food. In this red packet. And I couldn’t do it. I screamed and he yelled and that was the end of that.

My friends also think I’m very strange sometimes. I refuse to go into a room that has had S’mores eaten in it or near it and the name Rocky Road makes me cringe and shudder.

I do know why they freak me out though. I was very young and my mother was making this…biscuit with them in it and she dropped the bowl…and it was hot and they were in my hair and on my clothes and it took hours to get out. I still have nightmares about it.

It’s called Althaiophobia – a fear of…well, it’s a little embarassing…marshmallows.




  • from Kermitgorf:

    Wasn’t the thing in Ghostbusters a giant marshmellow? lol Not normally the scariest substance on Earth. love your wit&humor.

  • from Batak Beatrix:

    Dude, when the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man got angry, he was a bit of a beast. Nice random fear choice.

  • from DorianGray:

    Omg that’s cute. You just made my law lecture so much more enjoyable :)

  • from THX 0477:

    You’re reading this stuff during a law lecture? And I thought I was bad for hanging out in the medical library to check my ficlets. And I do love a story about marshmellows—one of my favorite ongoing story lines started with marshmellows, though I guess your character wouldn’t like that.

  • from Laine the Grey:

    Haha, rather nice. It was very funny, but I was hoping for sarcasm… I’m in that sort of mood.

  • from llamaluvsmenotu:

    u spelled the very thing ur deathly afraid of wrong…. wow sounds like its verry serious

  • from llamaluvsmenotu:

    its MARSHMALLOW !!!

  • from User 5681:


  • from artistsrunwild:

    oh goodness
    now i feel very stupid…..
    i could blame it on the spelling difference between the states and australia….but im afraid its spelt with an a in australia as well….ohhhh dear

    thank you llamaluvsmenotu

    i will change in RIGHT NOW

  • from Robbie:

    cute story =)

  • from Yeah Write!:

    love the story! coulda sworn it was marshmellows though! it’s that good old louisiana education i guess! haha!

  • from Storykeeper of Fae:

    Loved it! Very cute!

  • from Saint Chuck:

    How can someone not love marshmallows. They’re pretty much a staple in my diet. Nice work none the less.

  • from More Than Meets The Eyes:

    hey, what’s the fear of spinach called? it might be useful nextime my mom makes dinner!

  • from BetwINeen:

    great ficlet….very quirky and funny