How It Happened

by love'snot4me
originally published at 12:04PM on Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ahh! Stop that! Joshua was trying to tickle me. Well one things for shure he was definatly flirting with me just in a physical way. It was strange but cute. let me tell you how it all started. My friends and I were playing a video game and all the sudden Josh starts to poke me in my side. I tried to block his finger but it didn’t work. I finally decided after about three minutes of being tickled to make the first move. So i kissed him on the cheak. Yep then I knew it, he really liked me. He smiled and put his arm around me. My friends all gave me a look that said “oooh you to like eachother.” I almost laughed but didn’t want to make Josh feel bad. If I did he would have probably thought he was doing something stupid. Ok can’t tell you the rest until next time.