by megan
originally published at 04:22PM on Sunday, September 30, 2007

“Not the dishwasher again!” I cried as ran towards the kitchen where I could hear the sound of gushing water. It seemed, that in the last two years every appliance in the house had broken down at least once. I couldn’t help that my parents were on a budget when they built this house over fifteen years ago. They had apparantly bought all their appliances either used or extremely cheap. “If only dad had taken that job at the college.” I muttered to myself. “Then the maids would be cleaning this up. Or rather, the appliances would be the best money can buy and would never break down.” Ever since Mom and Dad moved out and left the house to me everything was breaking down. First the fridge stopped producing ice so every week I had to go to the store and buy bags of it. After that, everytime I put something in the microwave it would blow up so i had to resort to using the oven. And of course, after that the oven quit. I was running out of appliances! I grabbed the phone and dialed my brothers number.