Oh to be Different

by megan
originally published at 05:06PM on Sunday, September 30, 2007

In life, one of my goals is to be different. So when I began writing ficlets I wanted them to be different also. Something that would be seen and heard; something that would stand out on the perverbial shelf.
I could write about love and romance. But there are already so many ficlets of this kind. And since I have not had much experience in this department i decided to leave that topic alone, for now.
I could write about food such as fried chicken, french fries and those ever so addicting barbeque chips.
I could write about family. With two sisters and one brother and nine neices and nephews, you can surely find something interesting to write about.
Or I could write about horror. But since horror movies and books are simply not my thing, I wouldnt get many stars there.
And lastly I could write poetry. I learned all types of poetry in 6th grade but I’m not very great at rhyming.
At last I decided I should write anything that flows into my head. So keep your eyes open, you never know what you’ll find.