Situation: A crazy guy wants to kill you, and Earth was blown up

by BetwINeen
originally published at 06:22PM on Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lyra sat down on a stump in shock.
“So let me get this straight” she said. “This lord Kesslar guy wants to blow up the earth because of me and now he’s sending tiny mice to kill me because I’m not dead?”
Tanner and Bartemus nodded.
“But we don’t know why he wants to kill me, just that he does?”
Tanner and Bartemus nodded again.
Lyra was shaken to her core. She could barely deal with the planet she had lived on for 17 yrs being blown up but to find out some crazy Lord wanted to kill her up was too much.
Lyra sat on the stump absorbing the news Bartemus had just told her until Tanner said that it was getting dark and these woods werent safe at night.
Still in shock she followed them down the trail and into a small inn where they got a room for the night.




  • from Kermitgorf:

    Tiny mice.. thats Funny! great sci- fi .