New York here I come 4

by DorianGray
originally published at 07:29PM on Sunday, September 30, 2007

We make love for the last time that night, and for the first time in months it isn’t mechanical. He holds me like he’s afraid of losing me, I guess he is. He gathers his stuff up the next morning to take back to his own flat. Goodbye Preston. Everything is very formal, even the kiss goodbye. I feel cold hearted for not being more upset, but I had already begun to get excited at the chance to do something totally crazy.

You never know how much stuff you have till you try to pack it,I finally gave up and opted for a garage sale. I managed to sell probably 3/4 of the stuff I didn’t need, the rest I dropped off at a charity. pulled up at the bank and proceeded to the front desk. I had lived rather under my means for sometime, just not seeing the point in spending all my money on unneeded things.At one point it had been savings for a wedding, but you know how that turned out. Money secured for me in New York I left the bank with a sense of accomplishment. I was finally going to live my life.




  • from Kiarra:

    good for her

  • from artistsrunwild:

    take back to it back own flat.

    i think this sentence should have a heading Under Construction lol

    i am assuming you mean to take back to his own flat???


    but im loving this series so far…it’s very interesting and everything of yours ive read so far has a real truth to it which is unusual in short series

  • from Ms Pixy Stik:

    im glad she is starting to live her life….