Buiness as usual part 4

by DorianGray
originally published at 07:39PM on Sunday, September 30, 2007

“You’ve caused one problem too many today Avis,” she said softly to herself as she picked up the phone and began punching numbers. Avis had power alright, he had the power to take away funds, but power is useless, if you’re dead.

The next morning Bella stopped to grab a cup of coffee from the cafe next to her apartment. She picked up a copy of the news paper to find that some street gang was being blamed for the death of a prominent NY business man. It was believed that Mr. Avis Burs had been attacked the prior evening while on his way home. Bella smiled beneath her designer sunglasses.




  • from Three Gryphon[s]:

    A murder for stocks… Unusual, but somehow amusing…

  • from Kiarra:

    im liking this story also, keep up the good work

  • from Ms Pixy Stik:

    dang that a coincidence lol