Date with Dick

by Axel Alloy
originally published at 09:39AM on Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rachel was in her hotel room trying to come to terms with her sudden change in height. She wasn’t used to wearing heels. In fact she wasn’t really used to dressing up in general.

“I am NOT wearing make up”, she grumbled while trying her hardest not to trip over the hem of her black dress, “I think it’ll be bad enough having to wear all this!”

She fiddled with a jade bracelet on her wrist and sighed.

“I hope Dick appreciates all this!”

Switching off the TV, she exited her hotel room and battled with her dress and heels all the way down to the hotel lobby.

“Ugh… So… Stupid.”

She felt a little better when the doorman gave a her a compliment.




  • from QuakeDisruptor:

    Nice work. I wonder who this ‘Dick’ could be? ;)

  • from Lionheart:

    Aww, i think i know who dick could be…. :)