Slide Freddy, slide

by WriterDan
originally published at 07:35PM on Monday, October 01, 2007

Freddy scanned the room for his gun, but couldn’t see it among the gore splattered contents of the small space. An ear-popping roar nearly split his head in two and Freddy clapped his hands over his ears.
He looked up just in time to see Azarakk’s snout as it descended towards him. Suddenly everything was awash in heat, slime, and utter darkness. He tumbled over a writhing mass of pure muscle and past razor-sharp teeth.
Freddy screamed as he felt himself propelled upwards and back towards the dark slide to hell. He flung his arms out, scrambling for a hand- or foot-hold as his body careened down the beast’s tongue and then with a heart-lurching sickness, out into the open air of it’s throat and complete blackness.
Humid, fetid air rushed past him as he plummeted deeper into the beast. One lucky bounce righted him onto his butt and heels as he continued downward. A faint light grew quickly as he slid. The powerful blue light rushed upwards toward him and enveloped his body with electrifying arms, hot and dry