One Boy One Girl 3 _Artistic hands with a serious manner_

by DorianGray
originally published at 06:43PM on Tuesday, October 02, 2007

He went by Jon but he had always been a Johnathan. His serious nature had been his most prominent feature next to the bright blue eyes. He looked like a Jonathan; strong, confident and never nervous. Jon took everything in stride, working hard for good grades and playing every sport he was always told he was meant to play.

Perhaps the one area in which he was a ‘Jon’ rather than a Johnathan was in decision making. He had never been particularly good at deciding what exactly it was in life that he wanted, and therefore he kept everything at arm’s length. It was hard for people to hurt you when you observed them rather than allowed for interaction. He had done so well until she had come into the picture. She with her long brown hair and that impish little smile. He couldn’t figure her out. She seemed to have it all together and yet was very much a free spirited person.

She was one of his best friends, and as he watched her grow he was proud but there was a sense of jealously at her freedom.