The forest pt1

by lilm155fly
originally published at 08:13PM on Tuesday, October 02, 2007

You take a road, you figure it looks easy enough. As you travel this road you are bombarded with surprises. On your way you meet snake who waits till you turn your back to bite you with her venomous poison. But you survive,not soon after you encounter the bear who is your friend. “not bad” you think. When the tender sweet funny bear takes your picnic basket, he then proceeds to beat you down with vulgar words and hurtful terms. As you are left in tears, the bear runs off. Although he was like a brother, you survive and get up and continue to travel. You surprisingly come to a beautiful pond, where you meet a hideous frog. You kiss him and he turns into your prince charming. You two are so happy. You walk side by side for a long time. Until one day the evil witch comes and cast a spell on your wonderful prince that leaves you lonely and discouraged. You lose the one thing that you were able to count on. You almost decide to give up and end the road but you get up and find the strength to move on…........




  • from Ms Pixy Stik:

    i know who the snake, the bear, and the frog is…...and yes you had the strength to move on!!!