The forest pt 2

by lilm155fly
originally published at 08:20PM on Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Soon after you meet a manipulative toucan bird,that you like a little bit. You mistake this for something that you think is more, so you begin to betray the forest. You cut down many trees and betray mother nature. When you realize how you’ve hurt the earth, you no longer see the toucan bird. You hate him and his fruit loops.Once again you pick up and continue on your road. Soon enough you come to a fork in the road. One way says “start over” the other “continue”. You take the road that beckons to you to start over.You travel this road and you make friends with a singing sparrow and share your happiness with a giant. You let go of the many things in the forest that have hurt you and you enjoy your journey. The journeys not over, not by far, but you can see the clearing of the forest and its looking mighty nice…......mighty nice indeed.




  • from Ms Pixy Stik:

    i know who the toucan, the witch, and SINGING SPARROW and the giant is. i think the singing sparrow is the best character…....and your future is looking mighty niiiice!!!