One Boy One Girl 5 _so sick of love songs_

by DorianGray
originally published at 09:45PM on Tuesday, October 02, 2007

And so it was that one day after nearly two months without communication that Jon received a letter in the mail. The writing was familiar but there was no return address. He looked at it curiously before ambling back into the house already tearing at the corner.

_I’m in the most amazing place, but I didn’t bother putting the return address because I know you won’t visit. I miss you. Or maybe I missed you for a long time. I never wanted to do it this way you know, I didn’t think this is how it would all play out in the end. I need to move on and so that’s what I’m going to try and do. I though that I could say, I’m not going to write for a while and don’t expect a phone call, without a sense of remorse. But there’s a problem.

I can still feel your lips against mine reminding me why it’s so very wrong to forget. Somethings you just don’t let go of. I won’t write or call but I’ll be back in town on six months. Talk to you then._

Jon blinked, holding the letter limply in his hand. Maybe fate was real. Maybe.


  • from Ms Pixy Stik:

    Damn that was good!

  • from Three Gryphon[s]:

    That was amazing!
    Sorry that I didn’t comment or rate any of the other ones, but I was caught up in the story.
    You know, like when you know you have to go to bed but the book is so good you don’t even realize you’ve started a new chapter?
    Sorry, weird analogy there…

  • from Kiarra:

    i like this series