The Black Sedan 2

by Tales From The Script
originally published at 12:45PM on Thursday, October 04, 2007

The sedan whipped a u turn and sped away. I stepped out of the alley , I didn’t know what to do.
A woman ran hystericaly from the building, and into the street screaming crying.
I ran to meet her she collapsed in my arms.
Blood, she had been shot.
I pulled her to the walk, ran inside to call an ambulance; the sight of three bodies stopped me in my tracks.
Two were children.
Blood pooled around their heads on the floor where they had sat watching tv.
Blood splattered on the wall next to the fireplace, the dead man lay in the floor head against the wall.
Stain in the chair were the lady had sit knitting.
I looked around for a phone, made the call and went to check on the lady in the street.
She was still breathing, just barely.
Hang on the ambulance is coming, I lifted her head and held her in my arms, who did this, do you know?
She blinked and tried to swollow spitting out the word, “bos” . Her head relaxed in my arms, her eyes closed.
I looked up the black sedan cruised slowly by.