Another Tale Told 4

by Tales From The Script
originally published at 05:31PM on Friday, October 05, 2007

His knees weekened and his hands trembled as he lifted the lid.
The scream that woke her was inhuman she reached for Jim he was gone.
“Jim” she called her eye’s swept the dark corners of the room.
Blood drops lead her up the twisted cobweb covered staircase holding on tight to the banister with one hand and the lantern in the other each step creaking; it’s own painful cry.
She reached the first floor; light flickered under the door at the end of the hall.
She bravely crept to the door opening it just enough to see inside.
He was standing on a chair, hands tied behind his back, hood covered his head, noose tight around his neck.
A little girl in ringlets holding a doll prayed beside him.
Debra pushed the door open a man in a hood stood on the other side.
She screamed “Jim” and stepped into the room; the hooded man took his foot and kicked the chair out from under him. The little girl dropped her doll, screamed daddy and started to cry uncontrollably.