by lilm155fly
originally published at 09:07PM on Friday, October 05, 2007

it hurts, and i wish i could take it back but i can’t. its not that i regret it just more i wish i handled it different i just wish there were someway to go back and change the event. i mean i dont regret the situations that occured just more i hate the fact that it turned out this way. I dont wanna lose you as a friend but i have, i dont regret the fact that we no longer talk i just dont want that feeling of caring about someone and then gettin kicked in the stomach when i find out that you were never real with me from the get go. i want to change alot of things,i wished a lot of this didnt happen but they did but i DO NOT regret them i learn from they and i get up pick up and move on. Leaving you in the dust ,After all aint that why god gave us feet.