Frankie, Chapter 2, Part 2

by JonasBrothersLova148
originally published at 11:19AM on Saturday, October 06, 2007

“Yes, I know what you’re thinking. ‘Security papers. That just sounds like great fun!? He used a perfect sarcastic tone.
“You’re good,? I said. He chuckled, and I relaxed again.
“Well, not really. That’s just everyone I meet’s reaction. It’s for the safety of the kids. They are the only reason I come to work every summer. I would hate to see them get hurt, or worse.? He paused. “Hey, what are you doing on Thursday? Maybe we can do all the work then? If not, it’s ok.?
“I’d love to.? I felt like dancing.
“Cool. I’ll see you then,? He sounded like he was calm, but it also sounded like there was moving in the background. I could tell because I heard moving footsteps on a tile floor and a lot of static electricity back.
“Ok Nick, bye then.? I was hoping he would stop me and we would talk again for at least another five minutes.
“Wait! What was your name again? I’m really bad with that,? he sounded nervous. I could hear Nick saying “Please don’t hang up, please don’t hang up!!?