Frankie, Chapter 2, Part 3

by JonasBrothersLova148
originally published at 11:20AM on Saturday, October 06, 2007

“My name is Jazzmyn Thieriot, and that’s ok. I’m bad with names, too.?
“Ok, Jazzmyn, I will see you on Thursday.? He was the best guy for a co-counselor I could have gotten. He was funny, nice, and cared for the children. I had a random thought about my prior thoughts. I was totally right about this being destiny. I was going to love this job. Even though I couldn’t wait for Monday, I was especially looking forward to Thursday.




  • from One Time, One Chance:

    WoOoO! keep this series going, or..
    ..i’ll give u the “andrew” treatment. oOo. burnn. LoL i can just hear u saying “Yeah.. well.. I DONT LIKE UR PANTS ! O! BURN !” that’s what i wulda said at least. =]
    lol sorry guys, these are all inside jokes =]