Frankie, Chapter 4, Part 3

by JonasBrothersLova148
originally published at 11:37AM on Saturday, October 06, 2007

“I have to look good for Nick,? I said out loud, without thinking.“Who’s Nick? Someone I should know about?? She said with a mix of sarcasm and confusion in her voice. “A boyfriend, perhaps? I wonder why you waited to tell me until I asked you why I don’t have one.?
“Rose, Nick is my co- counselor. I don’t know why I said that. I haven’t even really met him yet. I just know tonight we’re only meeting to go over rules and regulations.?
“Oh.? Her cheeks became a deep, deep red. She knew that I was having trouble finding a boyfriend. After all, the school was having an alumni dance. Anyone who showed up without a date would be ridiculed and made fun of until the night was over. That wasn’t what I wanted to hear at the moment or think of my last dance.
“Well, to make up for my random outbursts of anger, I will help you find a “look? for this evening. Now, what kind of look do you want? There’s preppy, skater, girlie, or in between two of your choice?? She was speaking quickly and in one breath.