Frankie, Chapter 5, Part 1

by JonasBrothersLova148
originally published at 11:42AM on Saturday, October 06, 2007

Chapter 5
“Wow,? Nick said to me when I walked into the campground. If I remember correctly, I was wearing a layered top with light faded jeans. I loved the outfit so much; I wanted to have it all for myself. No one else could wear it. “You look great.? He was continuing. “What do you want to do first??
I just stared at him. He was everything I had imagined. He had light brown hair and shining blue eyes. He was wearing jeans and a polo shirt. I was thinking about how wonderful it will be to work with him everyday. Then I came back to earth.
“Umm, I’m not sure. What do you want to do??
“Let’s get the security papers done and over with, because there are many to sign.?
As I signed all the papers, we talked and talked about anything we could think of until I was done with all the papers.
Well, I found out that his birthday was one week away from mine (we are both in July), he has three brothers, and he was also going into college.