A Ridiculously Unplausible Love Story, or Why does his shirt keep coming off? Part Two

by Insert Pen Name Here
originally published at 12:20PM on Saturday, October 06, 2007

So Girl was hoping that Guy would die a horrible death, and Guy was hoping that Juliet would come back, but what really happened was much worse…at least for Guy, that is. Actually, Guy was already a little confused, because his shirt had, for some reason, just come off. Through the door to the pilot’s cabin came two different waiters…radically different waiters. One of them was a tall, stricking, extremely handsome man with tan skin and blond, shaggy hair named Romeo, who immeadiately went over to Girl and asked her if she needed anything in an extremely handsome way. The other one was an ugly, stooped, bespectacled old lady with a squint, a stoop, and a huge set of braces named Eunice who hobbled over to Guy and leered at him in a most disturbing way. Guy cowered and Girl melted. Soon, however, the unlikely pair left for the pilot’s cabin, both winking, one handsomely, one disturbingly. Guy and Girl alternately glared at one another and wished for Juliet and Romeo back. They got their wish…sort of.