Magic's Mark [2]

by Sophia D'Soleil
originally published at 02:37PM on Saturday, October 06, 2007 mature

“You’re the only other person who can help me defeat these monsters.”
“BUT I DON ’T DO MAGIC !” Maria smiled.
“How old are you?”
“What does that have to do with anything?”
“How old are you, dammit!?”
“When is your birthday?”
“July 6…” he stated reluctantly.
“Ah, so that’s why…”
“WHAT’S WHY ?!” Ritchie cried out in frustration.
“Calm down, you. Every magi receives his or her inheritance after their 17th October. It’s September now, so i have one month to acquaint you with magic.” Ritchie looked at maria as though she had grown another head.
“You honestly think magic exists? And that i am a… whatever you call it?”
“Yes, you and I are one of the many modern day magi. We may cast spells and charms, we may curse and hex, we may brew potions and break the very laws of physics. You have no idea how much power you possess.” Maria said with awe in her voice. “My grandma used to tell me stories of the one with a brown mark. All the other magi have red, only one in the universe has brown- you