Popcorn Penis

by Tracy
originally published at 04:33PM on Wednesday, March 21, 2007 mature

He met her online. She seemed eager to meet and eager to bed him. He’d been drinking all evening when she called. She wanted him to come by. He told her he needed to stop and buy some condoms and then he’d be right over. She didnt object, so he smiled to himself, this was confimation of his assessment of her.

She answered the door in a thin gown with nothing underneath. The lights were dim and she guided him straight into the bedroom. He kissed her and she returned the kiss as she pressed her body to his. He pushed her hand into his lap. She fumbled in the dark with the zipper so he gave her some help.

She felt the thick member in her hand. He hoped that she wouldn’t notice the hard nodules and lumps that surrounded the head of his penis. Maybe she wont care, he told himself. He was right, this time.