at home

by sweetdasha<3
originally published at 12:05PM on Monday, October 08, 2007

the boy had been quite the whole journey back to the deep hollows of the wood where we lived. he didn’t seem scared, but happy at the thought of being able to leave that orphanage he had been imprisoned in for so long.
i tried to penetrate his mind and see what he was thinking, but for some strange reason, i couldn’t.i was amazed at how this little boy could resist my reading his mind, when even grown men couldn’t.
as i looked at him sideways, that gleam i had seen in his eye previously was even brighter, a happy smile playing across his face. i wondered how this little boy had managed to keep hope that some day things would look up for him, while so many before him had not.
we finally reached the edge of the woods, i looked at him out of the corner of my eye to see his reaction, what he thought. he saw me peeking at him and looked me straight in my face and said simply “you are vampires”
he then turned away and headed into the thick of the forest, having no fear at all.
i followed behind him, deep in thought