Jane Doe *

by Tales From The Script
originally published at 02:31PM on Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dry desert air blows sand across the hot pavement.
It’s 9:00 am and has to be105 already.
“What you got officer” ?
Woman just off the side of the road he said nodding.
Davis kneeled beside her body, look’s like she’s been here a while?
What, a week you think Kelly asked, body dump? “Looks like it”. “Skin’s brunt and dried out” , he said brushing the sand away from her face.
A week in this heat were lucky to have anything left of her, he said lifting her head, “look’s like blunt force trauma”.
“Kelly collect what evidence you can find and get it back to the lab.”
Noticing a piece of cloth,caught on a catus, he bagged it for processing.
“Officer”, Davis asked ” the guy on the motorcycle” ?
He found the body, sir.
Davis looked over at him “you question him” ?
Yes sir, he’s just passing through.
“Turn him loose but tell him to hang around”.

6 picture’s lined the board in Davis’s office.
6 similar women, found in the same area.
Possible victim’s of the same executioner.




  • from Yeah Write!:

    a bit confusing without those “ever-important” quotation marks but a good plot

  • from someday_93:

    yeah, I agree with Yeah Write