Battle for Earth part one

by Apocalypse
originally published at 02:14PM on Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The date is December 12, 2064. It was the future dreamed of for centuries. When I say that I dont mean flying cars and hover boards, but just life being flat out better. There was no longer pollution, being that everything ran on water. However, I am going to take you a little farther into the future.

The date is July 7 , 2079. People begin to worry about the water. They are using so much water, scientists believed that in at little as 1 year, the earths water supply will be depleted. Still I am going to take you 2 years into the future.

The date is October 1, 2081. Just as the scientists predicted, the worlds oceans,lakes,rivers,and streams had vanished. Only 3 countries had the remaining water, and they were USA ,Canada,and China. Canada’s was just about gone , but USA had been supplying them and 2 other countries with water.

China had tons more water than everyone else, but they wanted more. So they declared war on the USA .

To be continued