The kill (continued... Again)

by User 5757
originally published at 10:00PM on Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sally was a small woman, with brown hair and a smile that men had said could woo the devil himself, into placidity. “watch it”, she growled into Forrest’s ear “or next time I’ll let you get blood all over your designer clothes…” and wit hthat, she gave hi ma little push; and allowed him to fall in the opposite direction of the corpse. Sally had been on the job for five years now, and as far as she was concerned; she wasn’t going to stop any time soon.

The three conscious investigators huddled around the cold, lifeless body of a famous actor, Malcom Cronze. Carefully examining it for any small trace of evidence that may lead them to the killer. “damn” said Sally in a low whisper “looks like the culprit knew what he was doing. Got him right on the lung, which would make it seem like he was just sitting here, incredibly high. Judging by the looks of it,” she gestured around the room “it wouldn’t be out of place…”



  • from Alexa ♥:

    I like that the action is moving along.