another love poem

by HeartlessAngel4LYFE
originally published at 10:37PM on Thursday, October 11, 2007

roses are red
the sky is not blue
my heart does not beat
cuz there is no me and you
love is like pieces
once you put them together
it becomes real love behind those pieces are the days
where all i do is think of youthrough this big faze.
through all the pain our love goes down the drain
its too bad that thing between us will never be the same.
i love you
i miss you
i never stop thinking of you
it doesnt matter where you are
or how far
or where u are going
i just cant live without you knowing
in my heart you will remain to take away this pain and sorrow to bring about another tomorrow
my heart beats for you and only you
no matter how much shit we go through you will always know that….