The Marked 43

by The_Count
originally published at 12:20PM on Friday, October 12, 2007 mature

Kane stopped rearing back as a wooden spike pierced through his chest,he stumbled dropping down on one knee staring at Michelle. Rage filled his blood soaked eyes, he nashed his teeth reaching for Michelle as he collapsed on the floor.

“How you like me now freak.” Test said dropping to her knees.

“Test… are you ok?” Michelle asked hurring to her side.

“Yea,bastards got a mean hook,I’ll be alright.” Test said holding her head.

“I found the girl..” Michelle said helping her up.

“Is she alive?” Test asked taking off her vest putting it around Michelle

“I don’t know…”Michelle answered looking toward the door in the left corner.

They walked slowly toward the door pushing it open as they entered,the reddish light that appeared from under the door was a single blood stained lightbulb hanging from the ceiling,the room was small, only holding two cabinets and a slim metal table that sat in the middle of the floor.




  • from FourSeven:

    a blood stained lightbulb. I bet that starts to smell pretty bad over time.

  • from Kiarra:

    Bout time Test did something right :)