Glam Gwen Gets a Job

by Insert Pen Name Here
originally published at 08:41PM on Friday, October 12, 2007

Good Morning, World!

It’s me, Glamorous Gwenivere! And guess what computer I’m typing from? That’s right…the cool, sleek, purple and white, brand-new iMac that came with my cool, sleek, brand-new JOB ! That’s right…a REAL JOB . Not part time, not an internship. I’m the assistant to Aggie Kimmel, the oh-so-fab EDITOR IN CHIEF of Style In Magazine. This, by the way, is the hottie-hot-hottest of all New York Fashion Mags. Eeeeeeee!

Ok, so here are my surroundings: I am sitting at a fab, fab white lacquered desk with coolio purple and white desk supplies and my new iMac, surrounded by skinny girls and underwear-ad boys at similar desks, each reporting to their own fantabulous boss. My desk faces the clear glass wall of Aggie’s huge office. I can see her right now, dressed in a tight gray and pink tweed suit dress. She’s writing something in a notebook… She has pale, pale skin, sleek ebony hair, and striking green eyes.

Oooh, wait, she’s calling me! Gotta go!