The Lake

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by More Than Meets The Eyes
originally published at 08:44AM on Sunday, October 14, 2007

As the flat slice of rock skipped across the serene lake, the wind blew my hair up so I looked like an Einstein wannabe.
I sat down in the red and blue rowboat, hugging my knees. The clouds crowded the bright blue sky, the clouds moving slowly almost hesitantly. Which made the reflection in the lake change.
As the surrounding boats swayed back and forth, making a calming sound. My blue and red boat stayed exactly where it was.
I squinted to see the small village on the other side of the lake.
I bent over the side of the rowboat and looked at my distorted reflection. I splashed it away, but it appeared again, in short little ripples.
It bothered me, I endured this image in the murky water, staring right back at me.

There were no oar. I used my hands, they instantly became colder when I put them in the icy water.

Towards the center of the lake, I got tired, resting my aching arms.
I sat there for a while, once again looking at my reflection in the water, but, this time I didn’t splash it away.