by Arfy Ness
originally published at 10:45PM on Tuesday, October 16, 2007

NON -FIC let:

Unfortunately this is not fiction, but it happens every day in the world around us. A secretary opening something from a dating site, or a child innocently clicking on something flashy.

It’s really no joke at all, spyware is responsible for a global “botnet” that is recently being sold off a single parcel at a time. There are news stories about it, just google the words “botnet selling power supercomputer” and you’ll find just the goods.

It is important to run anti-bot software (and check your sources first—there are some good ones and some even worse bad ones out there) Reputable websites will have reliable information. Check for details and search results.

Public Service Announcement by Teh Arfy!

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  • from Snarky:

    Its all very disturbing. I refuse to click on anything that flashes or isn’t fully clothed. That covers most things.